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Outdoor Marijuana Planting

How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors

Cultivating marijuana outdoors is really a daunting job especially if you wish to cultivate a superior product. Cultivating cannabis outdoors is different from growing inside and you need to take appropriate effort to acquire superior yield.

To start out, selecting a perfect place to grow is the most critical detail. The recommended time to choose the ideal spot is during the summer months because the sun moves in the sky as spring turns to summer and fall. The most important requirements while seeking a site are quality soil along with lots of direct sunlight. Marijuana requires rich, fertile soil and needs a minimum of 5 to 8 hours of sunshine per day. If you would like to cultivate an excellent plant, you need to be sure that your growing location is getting plenty of sunlight.

Once you have chosen your location to grow your plants, you must clear the spot in order to prepare the ground. Then mix the soil with the added nutrients, making sure that you are following directions on the package. You need to have good seedlings or cuttings in order to transplant into your beds once spring arrives. It is recommended to sow the seeds about one half inch deep. Keep in mind that water is vital to cultivate top quality marijuana plants. You therefore need to provide the plants with a good amount of water throughout their growing period.

Recognize any unwanted insects. When an infestation occurs in a marijuana garden, the insect population can increase quickly. As soon as the infestation is discovered, a variety of solutions are available, depending upon the kind of pest.

The period to harvest your plants depends upon some variables like, bud development, weather, and fungus. After the plant is harvested it is time to dry it. The most reliable method to dry is by hanging it upside down in a place where there is suitable air supply and air flow. The complete drying out process typically takes 1 to 2 weeks depending on volume and the moisture of the area.