Huge Marijuana

Seed Germination

There are several ways of germinating marijuana seeds, each with pros and cons. You can germinate them at home and then transplanting them or you can plant them directly in their final spot. Starting at home gives you more control over the very delicate early stages; however, sowing them directly to the gardening area avoids any possible damage that may occur when you are transporting and transplanting them.

Probably the most basic and easiest method is to place your seeds in between layers of wet (not saturated) paper towels and put them in an area that is warm and dark. Within a few days you will notice that the seeds will crack their shells. Allow your small seedlings to develop roots prior to planting them. Use a small pot filled with rich soil, making sure there is a small opening on the bottom. Very carefully put your seedlings in the pot, making sure that the roots drop right into the opening at the bottom.

Some individuals chose to plant the marijuana seeds into a small container and then allow them grow naturally. If you go with this method, make sure that you saturate the seeds for at least 24 hrs. prior to planting them in order to soften the shell

If you are planning to sow your seeds straight into the ground, simply make a small opening in your already prepped soil about 1/4″ to 1/2″ deep. Place the seed in the hole with the pointy tip up. Make sure that the area is properly watered and cleared of any other plants in order to give your plants a healthy start.